Exclusive Peach Shape Airbnb Glamping Dome Tent Hotel with Bathroom
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Exclusive Peach Shape Airbnb Glamping Dome Tent Hotel with Bathroom

Item No.: RZ 6
Brand Name: RAXTENT
Application: Airbnb glamping hotel
Area: 28sqm(301sq ft)
Feature: 100% waterproof, eco-friendly
Frame material: Aluminum
Cover material: Solid panel and tempered glass
Delivery Time: 15-25 days
Package: Customized way
RAXTENT has various hotel tent products., and has many cases of glamping sites around the world. In terms of products, we are always updating and iterating, innovating with new materials and new designs of hotel tents.
The peach shape glamping dome tent has a unique and modern appearance, extra high height, spacious space, and fully functional modern facilities, that make it stand out and be favored by clients. The glamping dome tent offers a modern and unique design that sets it apart from traditional camping tents. It adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to any glamping or resort experience.
Size: 6m in diameter, 5m in height, with 28 sqm areas
Color: The color of new design glamping dome tent can be customized, the frame, solid panel, glass all can be chosen.
Material: The frame is made of aluminum alloy, the surface is covered with solid panels and tempered glass.
Capacity: The 6M glass dome tent can hold 2-4 people, 1-2 beds, and a separate bathroom.
Accessory: The glass dome tent accessory includes a glass door, glass windows, luxury curtain, thermal insulation system, etc...
Wind and Snow load: The glamping dome tent with a sturdy structure has a wind load of 100 KM/H and a snow load of 75 KG/SQM.

glamping dome tent


Peach shape glamping dome tents provide a luxurious and comfortable glamping experience, sturdy and durable, the unique and modern design makes them an excellent choice for Airbnb resort hotels.
glass zome tent
Airbnb Hotel Dome
The glamping dome tent has a gorgeous and bright appearance, which is perfect for Airbnb hotels, its unique design will attract many visitors. At the same time, the interior is spacious enough to set up modern facilities, such as a king-size bed, sofa, air conditioner, bathroom, etc. which make clients a comfortable glamping life.
glass dome tent
Panoramic View of Dome
The transparent area of the glamping dome tent is made of tempered glass, waterproof and thermal insulation. The transparent and bright glass area not only provides enough natural light but also make clients a clear panoramic view. You can drink coffee while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery closely.
glamping tent with bathroom
Bathroom of Dome
The glamping dome tent has spacious space, the interior can install a separate bathroom. The bathroom includes a shower, toilet, sink, ventilation system, etc. With a private bathroom, guests can enjoy the convenience and privacy of having their own facilities without sacrificing the outdoor camping experience.
RAXTENT pay great attention to the details of the design and don't miss every aspect to help our clients create the perfect Airbnb glamping hotel and make them a great living experience. 
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04 HOW TO INSTALLThe installation of Peach shape glamping dome tent is easy, we will provide detailed installation instructions and video to help build, but also On-site guidance construction. RAXTENT has a professional engineering team, that will help you solve installation problems.  
Airbnb dome tent
RAXTENT has been operating in the tent industry for more than 10 years, we have a professional team, providing professional product design, manufacturing production, sales, installation and other one-stop services. We produce high-quality tent products and serve every client with heart. Welcome to sending inquiries to us.
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Thank you Raxtent, I and my clients both really like this Airbnb glamping tent hotel. That is so awesome.
I recommend RAXTENT!